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This term refers to a musical collaboration among Bay Are rappers to continue to rap about the Bay Area and its unique culture based on slang, cars, clothing styles, and other characteristics as they have been for years, and to finally gain national attention for their creativity.

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He was determined to have the entire United States, maybe even the world, go dumb and get hyphy. First, he began with the Bay Area, where he knows he has full support in the hip-hop community. He has his own radio show in local radio station KMEL. E said that they had met through another rapper in and began working together ever since.


Already he was reaching many people through his different connections and collaborations. He is also spreading hyphy culture with a new DVD and book.

If the song Hyphy by the group Federation was the anthem for Bay Area culture and slang, Tell Me When to Go is the new, more updated anthem that attempts to condense all Bay Area culture and slang into one song and one music video for mainstream audiences to understand what Bay Area rap culture is all about. All that other shit is sugarcoated and watered-down. E ends the song with a call-response verse in which he lists Bay Area slang including: ghostride the whip, scrape, stunna shades, gas, break, dip, thizz face, go stupid, go dumb.

For those who do not understand all slang terms, the music video to the hit single is a visual aid. The music video is shot in Oakland, CA with many African American males embodying the movement: getting stupid, going dumb, and getting hyphy. Scrapers, stunnas shades, Black adolescents with dreads, and other Bay Area rap culture trademarks are also in the music video. He said that he wanted to show the world about the Hyphy Movement E E is showcasing the Hyphy Movement culture while at the same time making this culture more comprehensible to mainstream audiences.

The songs have unique and up tempo beats that are representative of hyphy music.

Too Short - Cusswords (HQ)

The album rallies various rappers in support of Bay Area rap, culture, and slang. This CD was promoted nationwide by having E participate in national tours, collaborate with many well- known, mainstream rappers, MTV highly promoting the album, the airing of the MTV documentary, and most significantly, being backed by a major music label, Warner Brothers.

The song titles themselves are slang words that are defined within the songs.

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One theme is about slang and how it is taken from the Bay Area. The entire song is about how he has made money or how one can make money. Money is referred to as cheese or cheddar in other rap songs. From here he introduces the term chalupa. A chalupa is known in the United States as a Taco Bell food item a tortilla-like food that is stuffed with cheese and other fillings. Thus far, by analyzing Bay Area rap lyrics that are considered hyphy music, there seems to be a common thread among the songs. First, rappers are quite aware of the slang they are implementing in their songs and sharing with their listeners.

They know they hold the power to manipulate language by using slang words as part of their vocabulary and by trying to legitimize slang by treating it as a distinct language they call it slanguage. Rappers discuss words and their origins, definitions, and use the slang incessantly in their songs. They use their songs as a manner of transporting this culture and taking ownership of the slang because they are the first to define the words. Bay Area rappers are joining together, truly making a Hyphy Movement by not only creating songs that follow similar catchy beats and phrases, but by making a group collaboration to put the Bay Area on the map.

However, as a common theme in many Bay Area rap songs, the Bay Area is back to not only reclaim their lingo, but to make sure that the entire world knows that the Bay Area is a place of innovation in music and language. Still, I did my best to compile words that I found both in my research of various Bay Area rap songs, both older songs and more recent ones , in my informal conversations with friends, internet research, and my own personal knowledge.

I offer comprehensive definitions as well as examples for most of the words to give them context.

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I also include various linguistic terms to show the methodical manner in which these words are created. This non-rhotic pronunciation is typical of Black Vernacular English. It is important to note that different characteristics, even the way a word is structured, have their origins in Black Vernacular English.

Yay yo is taken from the slang word for cocaine in Spanish spelled llello. Keak, San Quinn, E, and Turf Talk -Hyphy adj a blending of the words hyper and highly reactionary; also said to be a blending of hyper and fly. Coined by Bay Area rapper Keak da Sneak. Originally used to describe being up to no good, but now it refers to being crazy, having fun while dancing, and really feeling the music. Keak, San Quinn, E, and Turf Talk -hyphy train n A wild, mobile party with a long line of cars with all the doors open, in which occupants get hyphy.

Form a hyphy train! Also considered syncope, the loss of one or more sounds or letters in the interior of a word. Means the same as retarded or going dumb. Used to describe the Bay Area.

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First, I do like this, put a look on my face like I smell some piss. Dip to the ground as I catch the base, then I wipe all the sweat off me face. Hop back up then I start to slide, popping my collar as I glide.

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  4. When one makes the thizz face, this does not necessarily mean the person is under the influence of a drug. It signifies that the person represents the Bay Area and listens to Bay Area rap.

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    In hyphy culture, to go retarded means when someone is dancing and not caring how he or she looks like; having fun and dancing Ex. Money, Power, Respect: Words that have to do with riches and respect -Boss n derived from the word which means a head of a company, a boss, like tycoon, relate to the same idea of a person who makes money Ex.

    Tycoon, tycoon. This looks like a food item called a Chalupa from the fast food chain Taco Bell Ex. It is also a brand energy drink look at graphics below. They said they had some purple right?